LPProjects LED Cube 8x8x8

3-Dimensional Display controllable with Smart Phone

• Open Source!
• Real Time controllable via network
• Universal power supply 5-12V DC
• Custom animations and effects
• Drawing with touch in X, Y and Z orientation
• Programmable sequences
• WEB interface for quick control
• Open UDP / TCP protocol
• Auto start function
• 32 MB Flash storage for animations
• Control multiple cubes
• iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad Application
• 3D preview animation
• Share animations with friends
• Spice up your party!

Smart Phone Application

iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad, download from AppStore

Create custom animations

Drawing with touch in X, Y and Z orientation.

3D Preview animation

Test animation before you upload.

Device Settings

General and Network settings, Info.


This project is developed by Luka Penger.
Thanks to: Avant Car - Rent a car, IzziRent - Best Car Rental, MidnightStyling, Silica - The Engineers of Distribution, Initra d.o.o., HTE d.o.o., SŠTS Šiška, LINK-PP Int'l Technology Co.,Limited, Texas Instruments, NXP Semiconductors.

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